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1.Thinking of you! 全心为你!


We are the gentleman and the virtuous young woman who serves for the gentleman and the virtuous young woman

3. 笑脸迎人,亲切招呼每位客人。以热情有礼,和蔼可亲的态度与客人交谈。尽可能用客人的名字来称呼对方。紧记用适当的言辞,避免使用俗语和酒店术语。

Smile and greet every guest. Speak to the guest in a warm, friendly and courteous manner. Use their name as often as possible. Always use appropriate vocabulary. Avoid slang and hotel jargon.

4. 感谢客人光临,亲切地向客人说再见,令他们临离开之前对酒店留下温馨难忘的好印象。

Thank the guest for their business and bid them a fond farewell. Make their last impression of the hotel warm and positive.

5. 预先估计客人的需要,灵活配合。贯彻"主动待客"的原则,留心客人的神态,查颜辨色,以提供体贴周到的服务,令客人喜出望外。

Anticipate guest needs and be flexible In responding to them. Practice "Proactive Hospitality". Pick up on non-verbal cues to initiate personalized service and delight all guests.

6. 对本身的工作岗位了如指掌。参加所有工作需的培训课程。

Be knowledgeable about your job. Attend all training courses required for your position.

7. 任何同事收到客人的投诉,都有责任尽力处理。运用L.E.A.R.N.程序,在自己权利范围内尽力挽回客人的信心,按照跟进程序来处理客人的投诉,确保对方称心如意。

Any associate who receives a guest complaint "Owns" the complaint. Use the L.E.A.R.N. process to do everything in your power to never lose a guest. Follow guest response procedures to ensure that the guest is delighted.

8. 每位同事都有责任认识和尊重客人的喜好,使客人在酒店期间得到体贴的服务。

It’s everyone’s responsibility to learn and honor our guests’ preferences so we can personalize their stay.

9. 任何同事如看到设施的用品损毁或不足,都有责任向上级报告。

It is the responsibility of every associate to report defects in the hotel, including shortages of equipment and supplies.

10. 一丝不苟地执行清洁标准,是每位同事的责任。所到之处均予清洁,包括前堂和后堂。

Uncompromising standards of cleanliness are everyone’s responsibility. Clean as you go. Both the Front of the House and the "Heart of the House".

11. 我们有一流的工作环境,所以请你不论是在公司内外,都担当本酒店和公司的在大使。请勿批评公司,切勿在客面前抱怨。以积级的态度表达你对工作环境的关注。

This is a great place to work, so please always be an ambassador of your hotel and company, both in and outside of work. Avoid negative comments. Never complain in front of a guest. Express workplace concerns in a constructive manner.

12. 总是能够认出酒店的常客。

Always recognize repeat guests.

13. 对酒店的情况了如指掌,随时能够回答客人的问询。总是首先推荐本酒店的餐饮服务。亲自为客人引路,单是指出方向并不足够。如果走不开,至少陪客人走几步。

Be knowledgeable about hotel information to answer guest inquiries. Always recommend the hotel’s food and beverage outlets first. Escort guests rather than pointing out directions. When this is not possible , take the guest the first three steps.

14. 遵守电话礼仪。自我介绍。尽快接听,不要让电话铃声声响超过三声。用适当的话语问候来电者。若要转驳来电或要对方等候,必须先得到对方同意。尽量不要转驳来电。

Follow telephone etiquette .Introduce yourself. Always answer within three rings. Use appropriate greetings . Always request the guest’s permission to transfer their call or place them on hold. Eliminate transfers when possible.

15. 遵守制服及仪容标准,包括佩带自己的名牌,穿着大方得体的鞋袜。随身携带"基本须知"卡。保持个人卫生最为重要。

Follow uniform and appearance standards, including nametags, appropriate footwear and "The Basics" card. Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance.

16. 客人和同事的安全,是我们最关注的事项。了解在紧急情况时自己应负的责任,并时刻警觉消防和救生程序。

The safety and security of our guests and associates is a top priority. Know your roles during emergency situations and be aware of fire and life safety response processes.


Practice safe work habits. Abide by all job safety policies. Immediately report incidents, accidents and hazards to your supervisor.

18. 保护和照顾酒店的财产。资源要用得其所。减少浪费。确保妥善保养和维修酒店的物业和设施。

Protect and care for the assets of the hotel. Use our resources wisely. Eliminate waste . Ensure proper maintenance and repair of hotel property and equipment.

19. 了解本酒店和所属部门的目标。你有责任与同事分享你的意见和建议,尽你所能不断提高营业额、盈利、客人满意程度和同事的士气。

Know the goals of your department. It is your responsibility to share your ideas, Suggestions and energies to continuously improve sales, profit, guest satisfaction, and associate morale.

20. 你得到本酒店授权和信任,尽你所能处理客人的需要。必要时,应请同事帮忙。思考如何以创新的方法说"是"。

You are empowered and trusted to handle guest needs and problems to the best of your ability. Seek assistance , if needed. Think of creative ways to say "Yes".

21. 我们群策群力,互相尊重,对待同事如同对待自已的家人和贵宾一样。我们坚守万豪先生的信念:"同事之间互相关怀照顾,必定能为客人提供更周到体贴的服务。"

We practice teamwork and treat each other with the same respect we afford our family and best guests. We adhere to Mr. Marriott’s belief that "If we take care of each other , we will be able to take better care of our guests."

22. 真诚待客,体贴关怀,以确保客人不断再来光顾是我们最重要的宗旨。对客人表现出真诚热情的态度,时刻全心全意的关注。

Genuine care and comfort of our guests to ensure their return is our highest mission . Display genuine and enthusiastic interest in the guest, and always pay complete attention.